Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create an organization renowned for integrity, service, customer satisfaction and investor value.

Our strategy:
  • Ensure high levels of competence and ethics in our personnel.
  • Develop high levels of commitment from our suppliers.
  • Earn high levels of confidence, respect and loyalty from our customers.
  • Earn acknowledgement from Industry at large as a reputable member of the supply chain.

QHSE Policy

Good QHSE performance is critical to the success of the Company. The Management is fully committed to our clear goals:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Prevention of injury and ill health
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Provision of a quality service to customers

Consulting with our customers to ensure we meet their needs and expectations, and addressing them through continuous improvement of our systems and practices ensures the success of Magnus Energy Services and contributes to the success of our customers.

Our Approach

Magnus ES aims to be reliable responsive and respectful in everything that we do. We put people first and invest in training our staff to appreciate and deliver good customer care.

Our Skills

Service Provider