ACB - Safety Tools

ACB is a French manufacturer that makes non-sparking tools for use in hazardous and explosive environments where sparks could ignite companies such as fuels (petroleum, diesel, ...), gas and chemicals. We also manufacture non-magnetic titanium tools for repair of medical equipment such as scanner. Today, we have more than 2500 safety tools. Special manufacture on request.

Who uses our tools ?

Our non-sparking tools are used around the world in key industries such as:

- oil, gas, petrochemical
- the manufacture of explosives, flammables
- distilleries, food processing industries
- the manufacture of paints
- demining, shipbuilding, aerospace, ...

Our tools are available in three alloys

- Aluminium Bronze (Al-Br)
- Copper Beryllium (Be-Cu)
- Titanium (Ti)