Drilling tools imageDrilling tools

  • Square and Hexagonal Rotary Kellys of all sizes and ranges
  • 1.1/4” to 5” Premium connection Test Tubing and Full Range of Pup Joints
  • 2-3/8” to 6-5/8” Drill Pipe with Hard banding and Internal Plastic Coating – API & Proprietary High Torque connections
  • 2-3/8” to 6-5/8” HWDP with Hard banding and Internal Plastic Coating – API & Proprietary High Torque connections. (Integral and Friction welded)
  • 3-1/8” to 11” (Spiral or Slick with Slip and Elevator Recess & Full Range Pony Collars)
  • Less than 26” OD with 3 Cutters and Larger that 26” with 4 Cutters (Mill Tooth or TCI Cutters)
  • Sealed Bearing Roller Reamer of different hole sizes with different type cutters (String and Near Bit)
  • All ranges with Mill Tooth, TCI and PDC Cutters
  • All ranges with different power Sections
  • All models with different pressure ratings
  • All sizes used to pick up and lay down Drill collars
  • All types of X-over Subs, Bit subs, Float Subs, Saver Subs, Lift Subs (Straight OD & Bottle Neck)
  • Drop in Check Valve, I-BOP, Kelly Valves of all sizes and pressure ratings
  • Hydraulic-Mechanical Drilling Jars, Double Acting Hydraulic Mechanical Drilling Jars of all sizes
  • All Ranges and sizes
  • String and Near Bit Stabilizers with different helical angle and different type of hard-facing (Integral, welded Blade)

Drilling tools imageFishing tools

  • Releasing and Circulating overshot (Slim Hole, Full Strength, Semi Full Strength, Extra Full Strength, and Extra Slim Hole) with all accessories and spares
  • All ranges for Drilling, Fishing and Testing
  • Releasing Spears, Spear Pack off assemblies with all accessories and grapples, Junk Basket: Reverse Circulating and Full Flow Junk Baskets with Mill shoes and other Accessories
  • All ranges, Taper Mill, Junk Mill, Super Junk Mill, Econo mills, Cone buster Mill, Flat Bottom Mills, Pilot Mills, Watermelon Mills and Rotary Shoes for different Hole Size
  • Standard size Ditch Magnet and Fishing Magnets for Different Hole Size with optional accessories
  • Internal and External Catch for all ranges
  • Solid Impression and water impression Blocks of different Sizes
  • For different casing weights
  • All Sizes and ranges
  • Hydraulic actuated Internal and External Cutters for Drill Pipe, Tubing and Casing
  • Packer Type, Lead Seal, Lead Seal Cementing Casing Patches of Different
  • All sizes and ranges

Above items may be made available as follows:


Sale of Premium tools

Fully inspected by a Magnus Energy Services approved Inspection Authority in accordance with API, NS2 or DS1 specifications as required.


Sale of new and unused tools

Directly from a Magnus Energy Services approved manufacturer with full traceability supplied in accordance with API, NS1or DS1 specifications as appropriate and in accordance with agreed terms and conditions.


Rental of equipment

Equipment supplied from Magnus Energy Service’s inventory on short or long term rent contracts with competitive terms and conditions to suit your requirements.


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